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Professional extraction of natural plants
Professional dedicated to the extraction of natural plants
Company Profile
Established in 2001, Hainan Shupu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the operation of the whole industry chain of rosemary. The company is committed to providing customers with various antioxidant solutions and four categories of multi-specified, multi-dose functional ingredient products.
Company Profile
December 2001: Hainan Shupu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established
April 2003: the company's first rosemary planting base was established in Guizhou
August 2003: launched a full range of rosemary products (water-soluble products, essential oil, fat soluble products)
March 2005: the second and third rosemary planting bases were established successively in Baisha, Hainan and Baise, Guangxi
September 2005: it took the lead to launch high content of rat tail oxalic acid products (60%) and ursolic acid products in China
November 2006: obtained GMP certification of health food
June 2007: Kosher Judaism certification
August 2007: obtained China CIQ health registration certificate
May 2008: cooperation with Hainan Normal University to establish key laboratory
May 2010: obtained the national Torch Program project certificate issued by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China
October 2010: established the natural plant engineering technology center with the school of pharmacy of Fudan University
October 2011: obtained national industrial product production license
March 2012: the product was listed in Amway's supplier list, and rat tail oxalic acid was used as the raw material of its high-end health care products
May 2012: the company set up branches in the UK to expand the European market
October 2013: cooperation with Institute of resource insects, Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences
April 2014: obtained the project approval of Hainan applied technology R & D and demonstration promotion project
November 2014: the new extraction workshop was officially put into operation
December 2014: launch of new dosage forms (liquid rosemary antioxidant)
March 2015: the product patent application has entered the practical examination stage
June 2015: launched 95% rat tail oxalic acid product
ISO 14001 environmental quality system certification in November 2015
December 2015: participated in FIE European Food Ingredients Exhibition
From May to June 2016, four utility model patents were successfully authorized
January 2017: the company participated in the formulation of national food safety standards, and as one of the main drafting units, the standard (standard number: gb1886.173-2016) was implemented from January 1, 2017
April 2017: two utility model patents were granted successfully
August 2017: successfully granted an invention patent
September 2017: passed ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certification
November 2017: passed high tech enterprise certification
March 2018: obtained Hainan rosemary extract compound natural antioxidant high tech product certificate
June 2018:Gained a New Patent for a Process of Carnosic Acid extracted from Rosemary
November 2018: Be Certified and Obtained the Intellectual Property Right Management System Certificate
December 2019:Be the National Intellectual Property Superior Interprise in 
July 2020:Constructing Project through Sience Technology and Innovation Platform
September 2020:Gained a New Patent for an Innovative Process of High Purity Ursolic Acid extracted from Rosemary
October 2020:Gained ISO22000 Recertification
Enterprise honors
Quality Manage
From raw material selection, production and processing to finished product management, we strictly follow the requirements of GMP quality management system.
● It passed GMP certification in 2006.
● rosemary should be planted according to gap specification.
● It has passed the strict certification of QS, kosher, halal and ISO.
● To carry out the provenance screening of rosemary plants and promote the cultivation of excellent varieties.
R & D Results
Since its establishment, we have closely followed the international research frontier of rosemary extraction and achieved a number of technical achievements,
He has been awarded many times by the Ministry of science and technology, Hainan Province and Haikou municipal government.
1. We have launched rosemary extract products with multiple series and specifications.
2. The decolorized and deodorized rosemary extract was produced by supercritical CO2 extraction. The residual solvent was 10 times lower than the European standard.
3. More than 60% high purity rosemary extract was produced.
4. The products of ursolic acid and salvianol extracted from rosemary were introduced.
5. To study the application of rosemary extract in many fields.
Contact us
Hainan Super Biotech Co., Ltd.
Add: No.2 Cuizhu Road, HK & Macao Industrial Park, Haikou, Hainan, China
Tel:+86-898-66661239 68631860
Domestic website:www.sisniega.net
Abroad website:www.super-biotech.com
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